‘Coz we somehow believe you are not Michel Lotito.
Don’t know him? He would be the one who would not be tempted to fly this beauty. He would be tempted to eat it. Mr. Lolito ate a whole Cessna 150. It took him two years to do so, though, from 1978 to 1980. Why would someone do that? Why?
You would be at least 10 times rarer than geniuses.
Actually yes. In 2013, the total number of licensed flying population was 599,086, slightly less than 0.2% of the total population then. While a survey found the number of people in the US having an IQ greater than 175, geniuses, to be approximately 2%. You might well be brawnier than them, too.
Your mom will be relieved to know that flying is the second safest mode of travel or transportation.
You read it right! It is. Second only to travel by elevators or escalators. Yes, it is safer than driving . But it would be a little too time consuming to travel from San Francisco to Florida on an escalator. This can be considered as our attempt to establish the supremacy of air travel while still being nice to elevators/ escalators (they really come handy).
Because he flies too!
Flying is no more just a business of Superman and the likes. But when you are up there moving through the clouds, you too feel like one for sure. So put on your own super suit and gadgets and rise high. You might even get a new perspective of the world, in a profound sense, much like the more evolved beings we call superheroes.
You might get to meet some aliens.
While we are spending so much time, effort and resources finding extra terrestrial life, you might find your own E.T. Okay, that went a bit too far, but who knows. We mean wouldn’t that be an event, if it happens (hopeful we)?

Now that we feel you’re pumped up enough to pursue a flight program, it is time to introduce ourselves...


and what do we do? Flyosk is committed to help you find the best flight school as per your need or preference. So that if you have your own reason to fly, other than those we have listed above, you shouldn’t end up letting it go, or worse, ending up with a wrong school.
because... Of all things that we may learn to do, flying an aircraft is quite technical and needs huge amount of caution to be exercised. Hence it is very imperative that you must learn only under expert guidance of licensed instructors and with well maintained aircrafts and other aviation infrastucture.
so, what do we have to provide what we promise? We have an extensive database of flight schools from all over the United States and we have indexed them against various pilot license programs and other technical parameters so that you can filter the perfect school for yourself.
you can start by just entering your ZIP code
to begin your journey!
You can even build a high paying and an extremely respected career - as a commercial pilot, a flight sportsperson, pilot of a private jet, seaplane flier et al. And it pumps adrenaline, and does it like anything. So go out there, have some fun!